Executive Search

Executive Search

Whether you're looking for a sales rock star to drive your growth, an outside-the-box thinker for your engineering team, or a visionary leader for the corner office, Zimmerman Associates can find – and sign – the person you need.

We commit to learning the "ins and outs" of your business, cultural climate, and competitive landscape on our quest to land your ideal candidate. Our rigorous process includes competitive intelligence, prospect outreach and screening, creation of candidate short-lists, salary negotiation, and transition logistics.

On-Demand Bundled Recruiting

Bundled recruiting combines proprietary research with our recruiting services into one flat hourly rate. Whether you are looking to hire for a single hard-to-fill role or multiple open positions, this service provides you with qualified candidates and gives you ownership of all research/name generation reports from your target companies. This cost-effective and flexible service is available for all disciplines including engineering, ecommerce, sales & marketing, IT, HR, finance and more.

Candidate Development

Finding the right candidate is a job we take seriously; not just a hobby of collecting resumes.

At Zimmerman Associates, we hunt for promising talent and evaluate their potential, so you never have to meet with candidates who aren't both serious and qualified. We will pre-interview applicants, determine their level of interest, and obtain their compensation history and expectations so you can devote your time and resources to only those candidates that are highly qualified and fully screened.